Cool Springs TC Wendi

***2018 ADGA National Show 10th place SR Yearling Doe***

***1x Grand Champion JR Doe***

Farm Oldesouth Blackberry Wine

***2018 ADGA National Show 2nd place JR Yearling Doe***

***1x Reserve Champion JR Doe***

***1x Grand Champion & Best JR Doe in Show***

Farm Oldesouth SR BLU Babe 3*M

***1x Reserve Grand Champion SR Doe***

Holmwood Goat Farm D Kira

***1x Grand Champion JR Doe***

Dragonfly SOL Halley's Comet

***1x Grand Champion JR Doe***

***2017 ADGA National Show 14th place Senior Kid***

***ADGA National Silent Auction Doe***

Little Tots Estate Wilma

Our "Kids" Farm Wylie

***1x Reserve Grand Champion JR Doe***

Buffalo Clover A Wyanet

Cool Springs SB Vixen

***3x Reserve Grand Champion JR Doe***

Cool Springs SB Topaz

***2x Grand Champion JR Doe & 2x Best JR Doe in Show***

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